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before-and-after-facial-treatment-h2o-salon-spa-nhDefy aging with ultrasonic technology 

GREATER MANCHESTER, NH:  H2O Salon Spa knows that facials are one of the most pampering treatments you can enjoy. Facials are not only relaxing, they deep clean pores, remove dead skin cells, and rehydrate the skin for a smoother, softer, fresher look and feel.

Now award-winning H2O Salon Spa is offering facials with the latest in ultrasonic technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract impurities and infuse prescribed serums deep into the skin for visible results.

“Ultrasonic facials are treatment-focused and results-driven,” H2O esthetician Haley explained. They can reduce fine lines, age spots and rehydrate and “plump up” skin for a brighter, dewy look.

How it works

Through a process called cavitation, low-frequency ultrasonic waves at a whopping 28,000 vibrations a second create micro jets that go deep into pores, flushing out dirt, makeup and dead skin cells. This also boosts circulation. As pores are softened, topical skincare products go deeper, permeating the skin (called sonophoresis) and delivering better results.

Sonophoresis activates skin cells that produce collagen and elastin. This diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and restore a youthful glow to the skin. This high-tech facial is non-invasive, and safe for all types of skin, from acne to rosacea to mature skin.

Although some notice visible results right away, the best results happen over time with a series of three or six facials.

“This gets your skin to optimal condition,” Haley said. To maintain the rejuvenated look, monthly facials are recommended.

Using premium products prescribed for your skin is also vitally important. At H2O Salon Spa, we’re proud to offer only the highest quality skin- and hair-care products, including many exclusive lines you won’t find anywhere else.

Come in for our signature seven-step consultation and see what we can do for you! After a facial and consultation with our esthetician, you can take the benefits of ultrasonic technology home with you by purchasing the Skin Perfecter four-in-one beauty tool (currently offered exclusively at H2O).

It’s important to work with a licensed esthetician before buying an electronic product, Haley cautioned. First, you get the best results after having a professional treatment. Secondly, as the esthetician does the ultrasonic facial, she can see what’s happening and how your skin is reacting.

“It’s important to know when to stop because the tools we use are powerful. You can’t go over an area too long, for example. I can also determine and recommend the best products and amount of them to use.”

Ultrasonic facials range from about $100 to $150. See http://www.h2osalonspa.com for any special offers.

H2O Salon Spa and owner/art director Heather Owen was named a Business of Excellence by New Hampshire Business Review; chosen Best of New Hampshire three years in a row in New Hampshire magazine; and featured in Elle magazine as one of the Top 100 Salons in the U.S.

H2O Salon Spa has been featured on WMUR-TV’s “New Hampshire Chronicle” and spotlighted in leading trade publications. In New Hampshire Public Television’s A-List City Voter competition, H2O took number-one for wedding hair and make-up, first runner-up in Beauty and Wellness Hair Salon, and first runner-up for Best Day Spa.

To experience excellence at H2O Salon Spa, go to www.h2osalonspa.com, or call 603-641-3050. H2O is in the Bedford Grove shopping center on South River Road in Bedford, NH.


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