Keep Hair Color Fresher, Longer

Without shampooing every day!

GREATER MANCHESTER, NH:  H2O Salon Spa was chosen as having the best color by New Hampshire Magazine readers, but we do more than give you an award-winning hair color that complements your face: We help you keep it longer, preventing premature fading and that washed-out look.

You already made the right choice to have our professional stylists color your hair. We custom mix a formula just for you, to give your color depth with subtle variations that look natural. You can’t get this in a box—or a big-box discount store.

Having your hair colored by a professional is the first step. The second step to keeping your color looking like new 4 weeks later is using exclusive products professionals use, ones that you won’t find in a drug store or supermarket.

Using the right products—at the salon and at home—is important. Our shampoos and conditioners are chosen for your hair texture to protect your color and keep hair healthy.

We carry high-end products you won’t find everywhere else, that don’t contain alcohol, which is very drying.

Next, don’t wash your hair as often. If you’re used to shampooing every day at home, it’s time to change your routine.

“When you wash your hair too often, you strip away natural oils,” owner and Art Director Heather Owen explains. “Unless you work outdoors on a construction site, your hair probably doesn’t get that dirty.

Besides, think of all the time you’ll save each week!

Sure, you’re thinking, my hair’s flat in the morning. Yes, gravity’s a thing. But we’ve got you covered with hair-nourishing products that can refresh and revive your style in between shampoos, without looking stiff or sticky.

“We can recommend just the right products so your hair won’t look as if it hasn’t been washed in days, products that can make your style ‘spring back’ every morning.”

And when you start with a great cut from H2O Salon Spa, you’ve got a great foundation.

So, for shiny vibrant reds that won’t turn orange before your next touch-up, and blondes from platinum to honey that won’t look brassy, your H2O stylist will make just the right recommendation for your hair color, texture, and lifestyle needs.

At H2O Salon Spa, we’re proud to offer only the highest quality hair and skin-care products, including many exclusive lines you won’t find anywhere else. Come in for our signature seven-step consultation and see what we can do for you!

H2O Salon Spa and owner/art director Heather Owen was named a Business of Excellence by New Hampshire Business Review; chosen Best of New Hampshire three years in a row in New Hampshire magazine; and featured in Elle magazine as one of the Top 100 Salons in the U.S.

H2O Salon Spa has been featured on WMUR-TV’s “New Hampshire Chronicle” and spotlighted in leading trade publications. In New Hampshire Public Television’s A-List City Voter competition, H2O took number-one for wedding hair and make-up, first runner-up in Beauty and Wellness Hair Salon, and first runner-up for Best Day Spa.

To experience excellence at H2O Salon Spa, go to, or call 603-641-3050. H2O is in the Bedford Grove shopping center on South River Road in Bedford, NH.


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